live bpm estimation app for ios & macos

Fast and precise live tempo display for musicians like drummers and DJ’s mixing with vinyls


for iOS

Analyzes audio input live to estimate the tempo in beats per minute (bpm).

Simply open the app and use either internal or external microphone/line-in (e.g. to connect to your mixers cue channel using a simple headset adapter).

for MacOS

Estimate audio tempo in beats per minute (bpm) by either analyzing audio input live or tapping the beat manually.

Tap mode – Tap the beat with rhythmic secondary clicks on the app icon in the status bar (control+click or setup secondary click in system preferences) and the bpm will appear after 4 steady taps. Increasing steady taps lead to higher precision and irregular taps to a reset.

Audio mode – Open the app menu in the status bar and switch to audio mode. Select the input device in the operating systems audio preferences (e.g. microphone or your mixers cue channel using a simple headset adapter to support mixing with vinyl records).


21.12.2019 – Initial MacOS version released!

27.02.2020 – Optimized MacOS version released!

05.03.2020 – Initial iOS version released!

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